Loan policy

Loan periods for books

  Loan length Max items Online renewals
Students 6 weeks 50 2
Staff and faculty 26 weeks 100 2
Alumni 6 weeks 50 2
Community members 3 weeks 15 1
Minnesota State borrowers 6 weeks 50 2

Loan periods for other items

  ILL items Print journals Study rooms DVDs and CDs
Students 21 days 7 days 4 hours 14 days
Staff and faculty 21 days 7 days 4 hours 14 days
Alumni 21 days 7days 2 hours 14 days
Community members N/A N/A 2 hours 14 days
Renewals? Upon request No Yes Yes

Loan periods for devices

  Laptops Digital cameras Voice recorders Calculators
Students 6 hours 7 days 100 days 6 hours
Staff and faculty 6 hours 7 days 100 days 6 hours
Alumni N/A 7 days 100 days 6 hours
Community members N/A N/A N/A N/A
Renewals? Yes No No Yes

Fines and replacement fees

Item Fine Replacement cost
Books None $55
Interlibrary Loans None ($10 lost item processing fee) $55 minimum replacement cost (determined by the lending library)
Journals None None
Study rooms None N/A
DVDs and CDs None $300 or replacement cost
Laptops $5 per day Repair cost not to exceed $200 or replacement cost not to exceed $1200.
Digital cameras $5 per day Replacement cost
Voice recorders None Replacement cost
Calculators   Replacement cost

Overdue notifications schedule

Notices are sent by e-mail and are a courtesy. If you use notices as your indication to return or renew your books, you assume the risk of accruing overdue fines in the event that they are not received or noticed.

The library will not waive fines if you claim to not have received notices. You are responsible for returning or renewing your books by the due date(s), which are available by logging into your library account.

After invoice is sent, patrons have 30 days to return item, bring in a replacement, or pay replacement fee.

Library services holds and ISRS holds are placed after 30 days, and removed when fees or replacement item are received.

After 60 days, the patron must pay the replacement fee, even if the item is returned, and any replacement items will be accepted as donations to the library, but will not waive fees. Processing fee: $10 - required after 30-day invoice sent.

Overdue materials presumed lost and billed after 30 days

Metropolitan State University Library does not charge daily fines for most materials. If a library item you've borrowed becomes overdue, you will receive a series of emailed notices over the course of 30 days before a Bill for Replacement will be issued.

Following this billing, holds may be placed on your Library and student records, preventing you from using any Library resources, registering for classes, or receiving grades and transcripts. If all billed items are returned in good condition within 30 days of the bill being issued, replacement charges will be cancelled and holds will be removed from your Library and student records after two business days.

If 30 days pass after the Bill for Replacement has been issued and you have not returned, replaced, or paid for the billed items, charges will be referred to the university's Financial Management office; you will be expected to pay the bill in full. Items returned later than 30 days after the billing date will be considered donations to the library, and you will still be expected to pay full replacement charges for the items and any additional processing fees.

Replacement of lost or damaged materials

If you lose or damage library materials, we ask that you pay for their replacement.

If you choose to provide a replacement copy for a lost or damaged item:

  • It must be a new edition (not used) and the EXACT same item as the one lost.
  • Library staff can help you locate a replacement copy, but you will need to purchase that copy and bring or deliver it to the library.
  • Once the replacement copy is given to the library, related holds will be removed from your record.

If you choose to pay for a lost or damaged item,

  • You may pay the replacement fee at the Circulation Desk OR the Cashier's office in Financial Management (Founders Hall third floor).
  • Once the replacement fee is paid, related holds will be removed from your record.
  • Replacement fees vary according to the type of material that was lost or damaged and are usually more expensive than purchasing a new copy.

Please come talk to us at the Circulation Desk; we're happy to work with you to resolve any problems. Again, if 30 days have passed after the Bill for Replacement has been issued, the library will initiate the replacement process and you will not be eligible to replace or return the item; rather, you will be expected to pay the full replacement fee.

Because Metropolitan State University is a state institution, outstanding charges for the cost of replacement materials may be referred to the Minnesota Department of Revenue's Collection Division for revenue recapture (i.e., refunds from your state income and property tax returns may be kept by the state to pay these debts).

  • Courtesy reminder: 3 days prior to due date
  • Overdue notice: 1 day after due date
  • Second overdue notice: 3 days after due date
  • Third overdue notice: 7 days after due date
  • Fourth overdue notice: 10 days after due date
  • Fifth overdue notice: 14 days after due date
  • Sixth overdue notice: 17 days after due date
  • Seventh overdue notice: 21 days after due date
  • Eighth overdue notice: 25 days after due date
  • Invoice: 30 days after due date
  • Replacement and processing fees assessed: 60 days after due date