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Metro State University has partnered with the ASBM School of Business, ASBM University, to offer a 40-credit joint MBA program.

Students do their first year of course work at ASBM School of Business, ASBM University, and transfer sixteen credits to Metro State.

Students do their second year of study at Metro State, completing 24 credits of coursework and receiving an MBA from Metro State at the end of the program.

The objective of Metro State University's MBA is to prepare qualified students for assuming impactful leadership roles in business organizations. We achieve this with industry-leading instructors, cutting edge curriculum, real-life management scenarios, and an emphasis on ethical decision-making and sustainable business practices.

Metro State's MBA offers courses in various modes of course delivery, face-to-face, “hybrid” courses that include some face-to-face meetings and fully online courses. Courses are scheduled through the year, with courses offered during fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Student outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the organization, as a sum of its parts.
  • evaluate strategic decision making that produces effective outcomes.
  • analyze the ability to lead and manage an organization through change and uncertainty.
  • properly identify, manage, and foster talent.
  • apply the skills and knowledge required to lead within a legal and ethical framework.