2017 legislative session begins

By Robert Boos
Posted January 3, 2017


The 90th biennium of the Minnesota Legislature is underway.

Both House and Senate lawmakers will kick off the 2017 legislative session by holding floor sessions at noon.

In the House, 76 Republican and 57 DFL members (a special election in District 32B is scheduled for Feb. 14) will take their seats, including 23 newly elected legislators. Anticipated activities of the session include members-elect taking their oath of office, and members electing the Speaker, Chief Clerk, and other officer positions. Here is a link to the live House floor session. Similar activities can be expected in the Senate session.

The 2016 legislative session, and a failed special session, left several issues unresolved – health care, transportation, taxes and public works projects. Based on the November economic forecast, the state has a projected $1.4 billion surplus. Gov. Mark Dayton will release his budget proposal by Jan. 24. He plans to introduce a bonding bill proposal and a tax cut proposal similar to those proposed last session, and additional funding for mental health and human services.

The newly restored Capitol building reopens to the public today, with an official grand opening scheduled for August.

House member information has been updated online, including 2017-2018 House Member Information, an updated House Member Roster, and information on House Committees.

Senate member information is also up to date and includes 2017-2018 Senate Member Information, the updated Senate Election Directory, and information about Senate Committees.

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