May 25: Open Screen Film Series; "The Good Exorcist"

Posted May 18, 2018

5/25: Open Screen Film Series: "The Good Exorcist"

Metropolitan State University’s Film Club invites you to a screening of The Good Exorcist as part of the Open Screen Film Series. The screening will be shown 7 p.m. May 25 at Metropolitan State’s Film Space in Founders Hall, 700 East Seventh Street, Saint Paul, 55106.

The screening will open with the short film Shear Madness, written and produced by Metropolitan State alum Ian Withey. Refreshments provided.

The Good Exorcist, directed by local filmmaker Josh Stifter, follows a socially awkward but reliable exorcist attempting to remove a difficult demon from a ranch owned by an eccentric family in Texas. However, the demon proves to be more difficult than the priest assumed it would be.

The Good Exorcist was made in association with the show Rebel Without a Crew for $7,000. The show, produced by Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Sin City, Spy Kids), asks filmmakers to emulate the same fast-paced low-budget guerrilla filmmaking techniques that Rodriguez employed while making his debut feature film El Mariachi for less than $7,000.

A discussion with filmmaker Josh Stifter will follow directly after the show.