Art therapy sessions for veterans

Posted September 20, 2016

Art therapy sessions for veterans

An eight-week art therapy session for veterans and military students begins Saturday, Sept. 24 and runs for eight weeks. The sessions hosted by the ARS Bellum Foundation will be held each Saturday to Nov. 19 at the Saint Paul Campus in the Student Center, Room 201.

Art therapy is a creative mode of expression often used as a therapeutic technique which originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy. Art therapy has been shown to:

  • promote feelings of safety and security
  • express self when there are no words
  • promote healthy emotional relationships and trust
  • move from helplessness to a feeling of increased sense of internal control
  • establish and rebuild healthy boundaries
  • grief and loss healing
  • help build connections to the world around them
  • build self empowerment, strength, and resiliency

Contact to register. No art experience is required. Clay, collage, plaster, painting, pastels, masks, and more are included in the art therapy program. The program is HIPAA compliant and confidential.