Nov. 11-17: 4th Annual Cine Latino Film Festival

By Kevin O'Connor
Posted November 14, 2016

Nov. 11-17: 4th Annual Cine Latino Film Festival

The following films will be shown at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Society in the Metropolitan State University’s Film Space. The festival runs through Nov. 17.


Wed, Nov 16  5:45 PM

Horizons is a lyrical portrait of the lives of three Cuban women dedicated to the art of ballet—a 94 year-old living legend as she surrounds herself with memories; an acclaimed prima ballerina in her prime yet growing keenly aware of the fragility of her body; and of a young upstart struggling to rise through the ranks while searching for her voice.

How Most Things Work

Wed, Nov 16 7:30 PM

When her father dies unexpectedly, Celina leaves her dead-end job as a tollbooth operator and assumes her father’s as a traveling encyclopedia salesperson. Setting out on her first trip away from home, Celina embarks on a journey of facing the mysteries of adulthood and of the beauty of unexpected graces. Fernando Salem’s award winning debut feature strikes a delicate balance between humor and tenderness.

Panamerican Machinery

Tue, Nov 15, 7:30 PM
Thu, Nov 17, 7:15 PM

The strains of maintaining an ad hoc society are revealed in this savagely funny unforgettable Mexican satire about a once-powerful manufacturing company that will keep running at any cost.

The Song of the Hummingbird

Tue, Nov 15, 6:00 PM

Cine Latino Presentation.Director Marco Castro-Bojorquez’s followup to his acclaimed short documentary Tres gotas de agua (Three Drops of Water) is a rich and varied feature exploring what it means to be the Latino father of an LGBT child.

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