Aug. 19: 'Open Screen' film screening

By Robert Boos
Posted August 8, 2016

The first “Open Screen” film screening of five Twin Cities filmmakers will be shown at Film Space, a new digital cinema theater at Metropolitan State University.

Filmmakers selected for this showcase of dramatic narrative short films are:

  • Bryan Vue, director, “Reminiscence”
  • Cristina Pippa and Maribeth Romslo, co-directors “Under One Roof”
  • John Vang, director, “Retuned”
  • Sao Her, director, “Waiting”
  • Jackson Agar, director “The Infinity Project”

The screening will be at 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 19 at Metropolitan State University, 700 East 7th St., Saint Paul Campus. Admission is free. Paid parking is available in the ramp located off Maria St. for $5.

“Open Screen” provides opportunities for filmmakers to see their films projected in a comfortable, quality venue and to engage with peers and audiences in Saint Paul. We hope to build community, share work, and encourage professional development. This series is funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation.