Car2go announces plans to leave the Twin Cities after three-year run

By Ryan Patchin
Posted December 2, 2016

Car2go announces plans to leave the Twin Cities after three-year run

After a three-year run in the twin cities, Car2go will close their tiny doors for good this January.

Minneapolis was the first Midwestern city to see the iconic blue and white cars hit our city streets. In October 2013, Car2go launched in Minneapolis with 300 cars. Now, three years later, with 29,000 members, they’ve expanded to Saint Paul, added about 235 cars to the system, and now, have announced plans to leave the Twin Cities.

Car2go representatives site unreasonably high car-rental taxes in Minnesota, not to mention an additional 5 percent fee, making it the most expensive city in North America for an operation such as Car2go, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In addition to steep state taxes, Car2go is also responsible for covering the cost of metered parking spaces throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul. For 2016, the service paid $68,500 for metered parking in Saint Paul, alone.

Minneapolis has long had options for local travel, without owning your own vehicle. Hourcar and Zipcar remain in the Twin Cities, but lack the flexibility that Car2go offered. Take parking for example: Hourcar and Zipcar vehicles need to be returned to designated parking spaces, whereas Car2go vehicles could be left in nearly any public parking space within the system.

Minneapolis joins a long list of cities to see Car2go come and go. London, Miami, and Eugene, Oregon are just a few of the cities to see their car-sharing operation disappear. The company stated that memberships are good for life, and will not require a monthly fee to retain membership. Your current membership will work anywhere in North America that offers Car2go.