Events at East Side Freedom Library

By Kevin O'Connor
Posted March 31, 2017

Events at East Side Freedom Library

The East Side Freedom Library hosts many events throughout the year. The following is a list of events through October 2017.

Legacies of the Arlington Hills/east Side Freedom Library:
Recalling, Reflecting On, and Celebrating 100 Years of Community Presence. 7-8:30 p.m., the second Tuesday of each month.

• April 11: East Siders’ Contributions to our Political Life. A discussion of the roles played by Joe Karth, Bruce Vento, Karl Neid, Tim Mahoney, Dan Bostrom, Kathy Lantry, Mee Moua, Foung Hawj, Sheldon Johnson, Jane Prince.

• May 9: Immigration Then and Now: The Making and Remaking of the East Side Freedom Library. Co-executive director Peter Rachleff
presents an overview of the immigrants who have made their homes
here on the East Side and made use of the library, from the Swedes
to the Karen. This event is co-sponsored by the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library as part of the annual “Untold Stories” program.

• June 13: A celebration of the writers who developed their stories on the East Side and in the Arlington Hills Public Library.

• July 18: A celebration of the labor leaders in the East Side and who helped shape the living standards and workplace conditions of their neighbors.

• Aug. 8: A celebration of librarians. A reunion of the women and men who maintained East Side Freedom Library and served its patrons.

• Sept. 12: A celebration of teachers who worked in neighborhood

• Oct. 10: Reflection on the history of East Side Freedom Library and its place in the community. Historian Greg Gaut, who has been commissioned to research and write a history of the library, will present his work to date.