Feb. 9: Career Center think tank

By Jackson Atkins
Posted February 3, 2016

Metropolitan State’s Career Center invites faculty and staff to take part in a think tank, 9–10 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 9 at the Library and Learning Center, Room 329, 645 East Seventh Street, Saint Paul. Career Center staff members Bill Baldus, Emily Sladky and Jill Sondegaard will present “Career Center: Current State and Trends in the Field.”

Most students come to Metropolitan State with the hope that a degree will lead to better employment opportunities, higher pay and a professional career. This think tank will take a close look at the Career Center, describe our students’ typical career development needs and examine some local and national trends in the field.

After outlining possible scenarios for delivering better career and professional development in the future, there will be a discussion about next steps and some things you can do right away.

All faculty and staff are welcome and no registration is necessary. For more information contact the Career Center at 651-793-1528.

Future Think Tank dates: April 19, June 21