Found! Medallion Hunt 2018 congratulates Brian Higbee

By Robert Boos
Posted May 1, 2018

The medallion has been found. Congratulations to Brian Higbee, operations coordinator for the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship, for finding the Metro Medallion!

Brian Higbee

Brian Higbee, Medallion Hunter

Thank you to all who participated. It is not too late to make a gift and join the Metropolitan State University Foundation at the ice cream truck social celebration for faculty and staff donors on Tuesday, May 1 in Saint Paul, and May 2 in Minneapolis. You can make an online gift here.

Clue #1
Morning breaks and the sun also rises;
The 2018 Medallion Search is just full of surprises!
The day is new and please enjoy the view;
The 2018 Medallion Search is here just for you!

The medallion was hidden at the top of the parking structure, which offers a beautiful view of the Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood.

Clue #2
Time to hoe it down and scratch your gravel,
To this land I’m bound to travel.

A bit of a reach here, but the line is from the song Dixie, and the medallion was hidden on campus, but in the direction of the Mississippi Market, and Mississippi is the “Heart of Dixie.”

Clue #3
The flavor says, “Butter.”
But, our Canadian friends say, “__________”

This refers to an old Parkay margarine commercial, but people in Canada refer to parking structures as “parkades.”

Clue #4
I was looking at a colleague. I think he’s very attractive.
He said, “Don’t look at me.”
I said, “I wasn’t looking at you.”
He said, “Stop looking at me.”
I said, “I’m not looking at you.”
He said, “Since when is a look not a look?”

When is a look not a look? When it’s a stare. The medallion was hidden under stairs.

Clue #5
The medallion’s not in Minneapolis.
The reason is simple. Security.

At MCTC, with whom we are co-located in Minneapolis, the security desk is located in the parking structure.

Clue #6
The difference between the U.S. and Europe is that, at some level, 1=2.

This is a thing. In Europe, what Americans might call the second floor is often labelled Floor 1, while the ground floor is just the ground floor. The medallion was on the level of the parking structure above street level in the back, which would be the second floor in the U.S., but the first floor in Europe.

Clue #7
I asked a professional photographer once what they key to photography is. With a clap, he said, “Lighting.”

The top of the parking structure features both security cameras and lightning rods. Photography and a clap of lightning.

Clue #8




This is apparently guitar music for Stairway to Heaven. The medallion was hidden under the stairs that access the highest level of the parking structure, and from below the stairs seem to rise up to the sky.

Clue #9
2=4 for sufficiently large values of 2.

We never got to this one, but the level of the parking structure on which the medallion was hidden was the second level above the street in back, but is labeled level 4 in the structure itself.