Grief support available through Counseling Services

By Robert Boos
Posted April 5, 2016

The Metropolitan State University Counseling Services Department  wishes to remind the university community of the availability of grief services.

Direct Services to Individuals

  • Counseling Services is available to provide individual counseling to any Metropolitan student. Following a death, we can provide a safe place to grieve the loss, support through the grieving process, strategies for self-care, academic support, and more. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays. For students who cannot attend during those hours, we can provide a consultation and referral. Phone consultations are available for those who cannot make it to the Saint Paul Campus. For an after-hours crisis, students should call the Crisis Connection at 612-379-6363.
  • For non-students (staff, faculty, family of the deceased, community members), a consultation and referral to an outside resource can be provided.

Direct Services for Groups, Classes, and University Organizations

  • Many universities offer programming for staff, faculty and students affected by loss as an opportunity to gather, share memories, and grieve together. This can also serve as a vehicle to provide those affected with resources. Counseling staff can help to facilitate these events and, if needed, can provide a model for how to structure them.
  • If there is enough interest, an ongoing grief group can be organized.

 Indirect Services to Faculty / Staff

  • For faculty or staff affected by loss who want to address their classes or communities, suggestions can be provided on how to approach this difficult conversation. If staff or faculty can also request the presence of a Counseling Services staff member.
  • If the university wants to send communications to the university community at large, Counseling Services can help to provide language and resources to include.

For more information contact Michael Peterson in Counseling Services, by e-mail, or by phone, 651-793-1557.