Help make Metropolitan State a fragrance-free environment

By Robert Boos
Posted July 7, 2016

Sensitivities to fragrance and other chemicals can become a workplace concern and being exposed to these can pose a health risk for some individuals. Migraines, nausea and tightening of the throat are common symptoms. While people are increasingly sensitive to perfume and cologne, other products like candles, potpourri, flowers, latex and cleaning supplies may also have adverse effects.

Out of concern for students, employees and guests who may suffer from sensitivities to fragrances and chemicals, please follow the guidelines set forth below:

  • Refrain from wearing fragrances in the work place that will be noticed by coworkers, students and customers that you come in close contact with.
  • Do not spray perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, cleaners, disinfectants or other chemical sprays into the air.
  • Do not light candles, use potpourri or other products that produce odors.

Students, employees and guests are encouraged to inform their supervisors or university officials if they experience reactions to fragrances or other chemicals. The university will look into the concern and take action if necessary.

While the university will make every effort to minimize the exposure to fragrances and other chemicals, as a public employer, it cannot guarantee a fragrance-free environment.