Improve yourself with IMPROV

By Stephanie New-Johnson
Posted July 21, 2016

Improve yourself with IMPROV

Explore improv, gain communication and team building skills and have a great time in Theater 346: Improvisation for Everyone.

Improvisational acting techniques are applied in business, communications, psychology, health and wellness, education and game creation, just to name a few. These techniques enable people to foster more creative human connections and team building.

In addition to stimulating individual creativity, these techniques and skills can enhance the way a team or group of people work, create and problem solve together by bringing everyone to a common starting place and building specific common skills. These skills include enhanced idea generation, understanding of motivation, behavior and character development. The result is an enhanced sense of persona, mental focus, vocal agility and body language.

This fall, THEA 346 is offered 1–4:20 p.m., Mondays at the Minneapolis Campus with James Robinson, a long-time improv teacher, including work with the Brave New Institute.