Internship: SCWA’s podcast, “On Track”

By Robert Boos
Posted July 29, 2016

Internship: SCWA’s podcast, “On Track”

Professor Anne Aronson is running a podcast internship during fall 2016. The internship involves working on the podcast series, “On Track.” The podcast is designed to raise awareness about the programs,activities, accomplishments and newsworthy events in the School of Communication, Writing and the Arts (SCWA) at Metropolitan State University.

The intern works with Aronson to identify interesting stories, and then contacts interviewees, conducts and records the interviews, edits the podcast, publishes it on the hosting site and helps circulate the link. Podcasting is a booming business right now, with increasingly more news and arts organizations, corporations, non-profits and educational institutions jumping on the bandwagon.

This unpaid internship can be three or four credits (120 or 160 hours). While some daytime hours are required to interview sources, the schedule is flexible. The intern should be available to record interviews at the Center for Online Learning at Metropolitan State’s Midway Campus.

Requirements: The intern should be familiar with, or should be able to quickly learn, an audio editing program like Adobe Audition, Audacity, or Garage Band. Strong oral and written communication skills are required. Experience with interviewing or recording audio is a plus.

Application: Applicants should submit a resume and a statement of why they are interested in this internship and how their experience might be a good fit. Send these via e-mail to

Application due date: Aug. 5, 2016.