Library and community outreach

By Robert Boos
Posted July 28, 2016

Library & community outreach

Metropolitan State University’s Library and Learning Center is a notable study area for many students.

The Metropolitan State library, which houses both the university library and the Saint Paul Public Library Dayton’s Bluff Branch, has many programs oriented to the local community. Some of these programs support literacy while others promote cultural diversity and academic enrichment. There are even field trips for schools centered on the libraries and their respective resources.

The Zone, one of the provided resources, is a tutoring center within the Dayton’s Bluff Branch library. There, university students and volunteers tutor children in math, computer literacy, writing and reading. Like many of the services offered through the library it is free to the public and supported by the university and with grant funds from area foundations.

Although most of the programs have youth as the main focus, there is also a university community book club. It’s operated through the Dayton’s Bluff Branch library, but the university and public library staff co-facilitate the program. For more information on current and past book titles of the club, click here.

One of the most interesting programs available to youth of all ages is the First Saturday Science program, which is designed to engage children in science through guided experiments and activities to show them what a career in a scientific field might be like. Carefully chosen books accompany the hands-on learning in order to reinforce instruction. As the name implies, the event occurs only on the first Saturday of the month, so plan accordingly.

Many of these programs are emblematic of Metropolitan State’s founding beliefs such as achieving the educational goals of students through community resources, and serving as a resource for the community. In 1971, a simple idea created a college and today that college is a powerful tool for the local community and its students. So, if you have time to spare checkout the many opportunities present in the two libraries at our flagship campus.

For a more detailed overview of services click here.