March 22: Book signing with guest speaker Dr. Julio Cammarota

By Robert Boos
Posted March 19, 2018

March 22: Book signing with guest speaker Dr. Julio Cammarota

Hear Associate Professor Dr. Julio Cammarota of Iowa State University discuss his recently published co-edited book, PAR EntreMundos: A Pedagogy of the Américas, about Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Latinx learners. His research focuses on participatory action research with Latinx youth, institutional factors in academic achievement, and liberatory pedagogy.

In his talk, Dr. Cammarota demonstrates how a PAR EntreMundos has successfully elevated the critical consciousness and intellectualism of teachers, collective members, Latinx students, and other students of color, while encouraging the expansion of these pedagogies to meet the growing diversity of many U.S. schools.

The event will be 6 to 8 p.m. March 22, in New Main, Great Hall at Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul Campus, 700 East 7th Street. Questions about this event may be emailed to

PAR EntreMundos: A Pedagogy of the Américas challenges the standard narratives of “achievement” to think about how Latinx students can experience an education that forges new possibilities of liberation and justice. Growing Latinx student populations have led to concerns about “assimilating” them into mainstream academic frameworks.

This book offers an alternative, decolonizing approach that embraces complex Latinx identities and clears a path toward resisting systems of oppression. Educating Latinx students should involve more than just helping them achieve in school but rather having them recognize their agency to transform the larger structure of education to promote justice-oriented practices.

The authors offer a framework for such transformation by honoring their theoretical lineages, proposing a set of guiding principles, and sharing stories about collective social action within and outside Latinx communities. PAR EntreMundos: A Pedagogy of the Américas is a practice of liberation and freedom.

This book presentation and signing are co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts, Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship, Library and Information Services, School of Urban Education, and the University of Minnesota Department of Curriculum and Instruction.