March 24–25: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Spring Summit

By Jackson Atkins
Posted March 4, 2016

You are invited to the 2016 Diversity, Equity and Includsion Spring Summit hosted by the University Diversity Council, in collaboration with the IFO Equity and Diversity Committee. This two-day summit includes:

  • Diversity Plan Forum
    12:30–4 p.m., March 24
    Midway Center, Saint Paul
  • IFO Equity and Diversity Committee’s Spring Gathering and Seminar: The Impact of Poverty on Student Learning
    9 a.m.–noon, March 25 (registration begins at 8:30 a.m.)
    Room 115, Science Education Center, Saint Paul Campus

This  summit is designed to solicit input and comments about eight equity and inclusion goal areas and how these will become integral to the strategic planning framework of the institution. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the intersections of poverty and learning, and how we as an institution of higher learning can move the bar with regard to social equity and improving vitality

Participating community faculty earn three professional developmental activity hours.​ To register, contact Margaret Vaughan at

Cosponsored by Equity and Diversity IFO Committee, Equal Employment and Diversity office, the University Diversity Council, Ethnic and Religious Studies Department and Center for Faculty Development.