Memorandum of Understanding signed between Metro State and Nagasaki University

By Kevin O'Connor
Posted February 17, 2017

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Metro State and Nagasaki University

An agreement on academic cooperation was signed between Nagasaki University and Metropolitan State University that will open up an exchange program for students.

The agreement is the newest connection between Saint Paul and Nagasaki, which have been sister cities for over 60 years. This memorandum will allow students from Metropolitan State to study in Japan for long and short term sessions. As part of the exchange, Metropolitan State will host an equal number of Nagasaki University students.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by President Virginia “Ginny” Arthur at a ceremony on Feb. 15, at Metropolitan State University, in the Great Hall. The event featured representatives from both institutions, area elected officials, including Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, higher education leaders, and members of the Saint Paul Nagasaki Sister City Committee, as well as the Honorary Consul of Japan to Minneapolis.

This MoU allows Metropolitan State students to study at Nagasaki University in two ways. Firstly, participation in NU’s Summer Seminar on the Environment (Aug. 18-30, 2017); and secondly, a semester or year-long study in a chosen area.

This agreement will expand Metropolitan State students’ opportunities to see and experience the world.

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