Oct. 10: Think Tank, "We Are All Criminals"

By Ryan Patchin
Posted October 4, 2017

This think tank will examine how a criminal record limits career options and complicates a job search, challenge our perception of what it means to be a criminal and help us to help students. It will also explore the feasibility and possibility for a “second chance” and raise questions about privilege, class and race matters.
Guest speaker Emily Baxter champions social justice and equity and  is the founder and executive director of We Are All Criminals (WAAC). She was the director of advocacy and public policy at the Council on Crime and Justice in Minnesota and as assistant public defender at the Regional Native Public Defense Corporation.
The event will be 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 10, in the Library and Learning Center, room 302, Saint Paul Campus. Cookies and lemonade will be provided. Feel free to bring a lunch.
  • Faculty and staff register here
  • Metropolitan State students register here
We Are All Criminals combines criminal justice statistics and statutes with compelling photography and first-person narrative to demonstrate the destruction caused by decades of mass criminalization, while leaving the reader with a sense of hope and inspiration to affect change. It is an examination of criminality, privilege, punishment, and second chances. Woven throughout is incisive commentary on the havoc our carceral state has wreaked upon the nation; the disparate impact of our legal system on poor communities and communities of color; and the exploration of innumerable life barriers created by criminal and juvenile records.
About the organization: WAAC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that inspires empathy and ignites social change through personal stories of crime, privilege, justice, and injustice, disrupting the barriers that separate us. We envision a more just and equitable world, where each of us is able to transcend our past and reach our full potential. More information on the organization
can be found at weareallcriminals.org