Opioid Overdose Medical Rescue Kits are now available on campus

By Robert Boos
Posted April 12, 2018

Opioid Overdose Medical Rescue Kits are now available on campus

Opioid addiction is increasingly recognized as a national epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that opioids, both prescription and illicit, are the main driver of the nation’s drug overdose deaths.

Opioid Overdose Medical Rescue Kits are now available on campus and will be carried by university safety officers, Thomas R. Maida, director of Public Safety and Auxiliary Services at Metropolitan State University announced April 12.

Metropolitan State is committed to the health, wellness and safety of its community. Program volunteers were trained to administer Narcan Nasal Spray and given information pertaining to “Steve’s Law” (Minnesota Good Samaritan/Naloxone legislation).

All university safety officers now carry Narcan Overdose Medical Rescue Kits. Additional kits are also located with all Automatic External Defibrillator units on campus. Kits have also been issued to trained individuals at multiple office and campus locations (see the kit location list). If you see someone in need of medical attention, please call a university safety officer and 911.

Thanks go to the Narcan Team, the Provost’s office, the College of Community Studies and Public Affairs Alcohol and Drug Counseling Program, the members and president of the Student Alcohol and Drug Counseling Association, Health and Wellness Services and Counseling Services for their participation in this two-year long effort.

Medical Rescue Kits campus locations

  • All Safety Officers at Saint Paul campus, including parking ramp, Student Center, Library and Learning Center, and Midway Campus

Automatic External Defibrillator Unit Locations

  • Founders Hall; First floor in front of safety command center,
  • Science Education Center; Second floor near the stairwell,
  • Student Center; First floor behind the safe desk,
  • Library and Learning Center; First floor behind the safe desk,
  • Midway 1450; First floor near the safe desk,
  • Future AED locations; New Main and Saint John’s Hall first floors,

Narcan Training & Distribution Areas

  • Building Services, Founders Hall, room 321,
  • Maintenance, Saint John’s Hall, Lower level Mailroom,
  • Counseling Services, Founders Hall, room 221,
  • Gateway, Founders Hall, first floor,
  • Library Circulation desks, first and second floors,
  • Admissions, Founders Hall, room 142,
  • Science Education Center, chemistry lab, room 302,
  • Ramp Parking/Safety Office, first floor,
  • Student Center, Student Life and Leadership, room 204,

Other Locations

  • LECJEC, first floor office area,
  • Midway AED unit location,
  • MEC – MCTC Safety Officers,
  • Future locations and areas to be determined.