Photos: Strange Attractors Festival

By Ryan Patchin
Posted May 8, 2017

After an 18-year run, the Strange Attractors Festival has concluded. Retiring after 35 years as a faculty member, David Means had coordinated the festival of experimental music and intermedia art to bring national and international artists, composers, and musicians on campus to perform and collaborate with students since 1998. 

Means is a renowned artist with an international reputation and unparalleled standing in his community, with installations and live musical performances exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He has composed more than 300 musical pieces and performed live in more than 10 countries.

His first post-retirement project is with the Echofluxx Ensemble, who will be performing live at Echofluxx 17, an international festival of experimental film, music, and dance, from May 3-6 in Prague. 

Below are photos from the final Strange Attractors Festival.

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