Deadline extended: Proposals for Student Research Conference due Nov. 28

By Kevin O'Connor
Posted November 11, 2016

Deadline extended: Proposals for Student Research Conference due Nov. 28

The Student Scholar Committee is thrilled to announce the second bi-annual, university-wide Student Research Conference. It will be held at 6 p.m., Dec. 5 in the New Main Great Hall. Proposals are due by Nov. 28.

The conference is a chance for students to present their scholarship from within and outside the classroom, including poetry, primary research projects, essays, secondary research, performative art, artistic projects, and posters.

Presenting is open to all Metro State students. Attendance is open to all students, staff, faculty, administration, community members, and family members (free of charge to all). Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

The conference will be divided into three categories: papers, posters, and creative projects. Description below:

Paper Poster Creative Project
A paper can be anything from a research paper to an analysis of something. Paper presenters can expect to either read their paper to the audience or turn their paper into a presentation (using PowerPoint slides, video, or any other electronic medium. Paper presentations will be grouped into panels (60 min) and expected to be 15 minutes in length, allowing time for questions at the end of the session. A poster is a stationary visual item that can be understood by a lay audience. Poster sessions are extremely common in many disciplines, so spending time making a poster can be extremely worthwhile. For this you may use large printed posters, tri-fold boards, or any other stationary medium. Presenters will be expected to spend time by their posters/boards during the conference to engage with the audience. Printing assistance will be provided upon acceptance if needed. Sometimes research or creative work doesn’t fit into a paper presentation or a poster session (audio project, theatrical project, and so on). If you have a project that you think would be interesting for other Metro State students, faculty, and/or community members, but doesn’t fit within the confines of the above forms, please apply under this topic. Conference organizers will contact you to determine the feasibility of showcasing your project at the conference.

Application Guidelines

To apply, submit a 250 word abstract of your project and fill out the form linked below. In the abstract, you may want to talk about the following topics: what is the goal of your project? Who is the audience? What impact do you see your research or creative work having? Is this part of a larger project? How does it fit into other work you’ve done? Is this a personal project for you? Is this an advocacy project?

Applications are due by November 18, 2016 and can be submitted here.

Instructors can also nominate students who have promising and interesting scholarship and projects to share. Nomination forms can be found here.

Food will be provided.