Security reminder

By Kevin O'Connor
Posted July 21, 2016

Security reminder

A successful student is a safe student. Know the security resources available to you.

Please take a moment and review these safety tips.
1.  Call for escorts or walk with others, choose well-lit and direct areas at night and remain alert; walk confidently and purposefully.
2.  If you notice any suspicious behaviors on or around campus, please immediately notify safety staff.
3.  If confronted, make firm but non-challenging statements of your interests. If you believe you are in jeopardy, leave for somewhere safe.
4.  If you are a victim of crime, immediately inform the university safety staff who will help you and contact the police.

Safety Staff Phone Numbers.

Main campus Cell: 651.775.0444
Security Desk: 651.793.1717
Library Cell: 651.775.0715
Ramp Cell: 651.368.4297
Ramp Desk: 651.793.1730
Student Center Cell:  651.775.6724
Midway Cell: 651.775.6122