Study abroad in Nagasaki, Japan

By Ryan Patchin
Posted February 24, 2017

Study abroad in Nagasaki, Japan

With the recent signing of two memoranda of understanding agreements, Metropolitan State will soon offer the opportunity to study abroad at Nagasaki University in Japan.

Nagasaki is a beautiful subtropical port city, rich in both history and modern industry. Saint Paul and Nagasaki have been sister cities for over 60 years and students now have the chance to experience Nagasaki through this new exchange program. Students will study at a prestigious institution that traces back to Japan’s first school of western medicine founded in the mid-19th century, and has produced a Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry.

Through Saint Paul’s and Nagasaki’s sister city relationship, Metropolitan State University and the Saint Paul-Nagasaki Sister City Committee have collaborated to promote peace, justice, and international understanding. Metropolitan State’s former Interim President, Dr. Devinder Malhotra, visited Nagasaki as part of Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman’s delegation in October 2015. Malhotra met Nagasaki University President Shigeru Katamine and discussed the possibility of academic cooperation at that time.

Students can choose from a semester or year-long programs, taught mostly in Japanese. Students can also opt for the very popular two-week interdisciplinary and international Environmental Expert Seminar, taught in English and incorporating fascinating field trips to the A-bomb Museum, Unzen Geopark, Obama Binary Power Station, and Mitsubishi Shipyard.

Interested students should contact Prof. Michal Moskow
at or Prof. Sumiko Otsubo at