June 23-24: Volunteers wanted to plant trees

By Kevin O'Connor
Posted June 9, 2016

June 23-24: Volunteers wanted to plant trees

The Red Lake Tribal Nation is seeking volunteers to help in a community tree-planting event June 23-24 at the Red Lake Tribal Nation, Red Lake, Minn. 

Sixteen apple trees that were donated by the Metropolitan State EOP office will be transported to the Red Lake Tribal Nation. They will be planted at the Red Lake Dept. of Natural Resources facility (next to the Red Lake Elementary School) at 10 a.m. with community members and the DNR. More trees will be planted at Tribal Employment Rights Office at 1 pm.

The event is sponsored by the Oshkiimaajitahdah in Red Lake and the DNR. This community development project provides education for environmental sustainability and healthy nutrition.

For information, contact August Hoffman at: august.hoffman@metrostate.edu.