Welcome wall enhances Founders Hall entrance

By Robert Boos
Posted March 3, 2016

Welcome wall enhances Founders Hall entrance

Metropolitan State University is proud of its diverse student body. To create a more welcoming and positive impression to the many people who enter the Saint Paul Campus through Founders Hall first floor, the university has installed a new welcome wall.

This new floor-to-ceiling wall is located inside the main entrance to Founders Hall. The new wall was constructed using a modular frame system called DIRTT (Do It Right This Time) that allows the wall to be customized and rearranged in the future as needed. The wall features a large screen monitor to share messages about events and news, a rotating set of posters featuring student testimonials, and the word “welcome” in many world languages to recognize our diverse community.

“The new welcome wall provides a warm and cheerful entrance to Founders Hall,” notes Craig Morris, chief diversity officer. “While the wall can’t accommodate the word ‘welcome’ in every native tongue spoken by our students, the wall does provide a representation of the beautifully diverse languages spoken throughout the university.”

The wall was the brainchild of former Metropolitan State Facilities Director Nancy Bagshaw-Reasoner who retired in September 2015. Nancy had used the DIRTT walls in other areas on the Saint Paul Campus and was impressed by their ability to be customized and easily installed.

“Nancy was passionate for us to demonstrate our commitments to foster a better sense of inclusion and appreciation for those attending our institution,” according to Morris.