Internship: You’re almost a graduate! …but you’re forgetting one thing

By Robert Boos
Posted August 12, 2016

Experience is a must when interviewing for your first job after graduation. The student-run social media team is looking for interns this coming semester. Learn industry tools, work within a team, strategize and produce content for real clients. These are the skills and experience employers are looking for in students graduating from communications and marketing programs.


The deadline to apply for the internship is approaching quickly. All students must send an e-mail to either Sean O’Donnell or Robert Gross no later than Sunday, Aug. 21 to be considered for an interview.

In the internship you’ll gain;

  • Hands on practice with industry tools and software.
  • Continue to practice topics and theories you’ve learned throughout your major area of study.
  • Network and make local business connections in the Twin Cities.
  • Hone your specialization by working within a team focused on research, planning and coordination, creative and content creation, or analysis and evaluation.

The social media team is recruiting seniors and graduate students in marketing and communication degree programs. Inquire further about additional benefits of becoming an intern.

Sean O’Donnell
Graduate Assistant
(612) 850-3107

Robert Gross
Graduate Assistant