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MN Cyber Range is a world-class training and simulation platform located in St. Paul that uses real-world scenarios and innovative technologies to ensure your cyber defense teams have the knowledge and experience they need to protect crucial information, systems and operations.

A first of its kind in the state of Minnesota, the Cyberbit powered MN Cyber Range is a military grade simulation platform for training information security professionals, assessing incident response processes, and testing new technologies. The MN Cyber Range recreates the experience of responding to a cyberattack by replicating the security operations center (SOC) environment, the organizational network, and the attack itself. As a result, it enables hands-on training in a controlled and secure environment.

How are we different?

  • Standalone environment for training and for testing skills, technologies, and methodologies
  • Training improves individual and team skills while thwarting attacks rather than simply learning a set of cybersecurity tools
  • Improvement driven cyber training—extensive debrief capabilities provide impactful activity and timeline analysis highlighting strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams
  • Customized scenarios and network topologies that mimic your own network environment—offers both IT and OT (SCADA) security
  • Automated, real or combination red team attacks
  • Train anyone (beginner to advanced, technical to executive), anywhere (classroom, on-site), anytime (24/7, 365 days access)
  • Multiple virtual classrooms are available that allow multiple teams to simultaneously train on different scenarios

In a highly competitive hiring market, the MN Cyber Range can help organizations stand out, by offering individuals and team members hyper-realistic hands-on cybersecurity training experiences​. Hyper-realistic cyberattack simulation is based on the following four components:

  • Real World Network: Mirroring a comprehensive corporate network
  • Real World Tools: Market leading security tools, as in a real world SOC
  • Real World Attacks: Automated, simulated attacks based on real world scenarios
  • Tracking and Feedback: Recording, debrief, predefined goals, automated trainee assessment

The more realistic the simulation experience, the better a cyber range can prepare trainees to deal with real world incidents and reduce the probability of a security breach happening on their watch.

For more information about MN Cyber Range including purchasing the time on the Range, please contact