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2019 Metro State Medallion Hunt Clue #1

Posted April 4, 2019

Back by popular demand is the Metropolitan State Medallion Hunt!

Our resident clue authors will have taken up the challenge to delight, entertain, and confound their Metropolitan State colleagues. Of course, the real purpose is to get people excited about making a gift to the Annual Fund Drive. When members of our own community include Metropolitan State as one of their giving priorities, it sends a powerful message to potential funders, alumni and students, that our mission is worthy of support and investing in our students makes a difference.

When you make a gift to the Metro Fund we will send you an “I Support the Metro Fund” sticker. If you find the medallion and have a sticker you will receive a bonus prize!

Medallion Hunt Rules

  • Clues will be sent through the @metrodiscuss list serve. The medallion will be hidden on Metropolitan State University property. We will post clues twice a week, so check frequently.
  • The hunt is open to all members of the Metropolitan State community.
  • Please be a responsible hunter. It will not be necessary to use tools to locate the medallion. Damage to university property will likely result in never being able to have a medallion hunt again (this is why we can’t have nice things). 
  • The prize for finding the medallion and returning it to Kristine Hansen in the Metropolitan State University Foundation Office will be a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble. If the finder has an “I Support the Metro Fund” sticker, they will receive an additional $25 gift card.

Everyone is a winner!

Everyone who participates in the hunt buy purchasing an “I support the Metro Fund Drive” sticker will be invited to join us at an ice-cream truck social (save your sticker!).

Stickers are available for a minimum $10 donation to the Annual Fund Drive. Stickers are available at Gateway in Saint Paul and may be picked up in person or sent interoffice from the Alumni Relations office. Donations are accepted through online giving, checks or by completing an Annual Fund payroll deduction form. Groups or hunting partners may not share a sticker. 

If the medallion is not found, the bonus prize will be distributed through a drawing of all entries. To enter without making a gift, please return an annual fund pledge form with the words “NO DONATION” written in the donation area of the form.

All returned pledge forms will be entered into the prize drawing.


Clue #1

 Cheers to All! The Metropolitan State 2019 Medallion Hunt has Begun!

Enjoyment for All (But Mind the Call) . . . Stay on the Metro State Campus-St. Paul to Have Your Fun!

No Digging or Climbing is Necessary (Much Too Mundane) . . . Just Make Sense of the Rhyming and Stay in Your Lane;

‘Twas Horace Greeley Who Once Said: “Go West Young Man” and You Will Find Your Dream”;

To Find the Cherished Puck . . . Start thinking Green.