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I Am Not Invisible awareness campaign celebrates women veterans

Posted March 18, 2019

I Am Not Invisible awareness campaign posters

The I Am Not Invisible awareness campaign is a poster series displayed across campus to celebrate the women of Minnesota who have served in the Armed Forces. Nearly 29,000 women veterans call Minnesota home. These women have served in every era of service and every branch of America’s Armed Forces, offering extraordinary service and sacrifice to defend America at home and abroad. 

Unfortunately, these veterans can often feel overlooked when they come home. Their service and sacrifice often goes unrecognized, their needs for support in transition go unmet. While our men in uniform are publicly honored and supported, our women veterans too often feel invisible.

Ars Bellum Foundation has joined the MN Veterans of Foreign Wars, Women Veterans Initiative, 23rd Veteran, and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs to produce a very special event honoring our women veterans of Minnesota.

The campaign features a portrait exhibit of 33 Minnesota women veterans from all walks of life who have served our nation that will be supported by a multi-media campaign as it travels throughout the state on a six month tour this year.

“I Am Not Invisible” is an awareness campaign designed to honor the service and sacrifice of our women veterans, and give our communities an opportunity to show them they are respected and supported.  That they are not invisible.

The I Am Not Invisible awareness campaign posters will be on display through March 22, in the Founders Hall reception area, Library and Learning Center circulation area, Student Center lounge, and Veterans Center (FH 201). The display is sponsored by the Metropolitan State University Veterans and Military Student Service Office.