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Swede Hollow Park: Request for input

Posted January 8, 2019

Photo of bridge tunnel in Swede Hollow Park

Many of you who visit or work on the St. Paul Campus have discovered the natural treasure immediately adjacent to the university property at the foot of Dayton’s Bluff: Swede Hollow Park.

Boasting a remarkable history that is deeply intertwined with the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood and the diverse communities that have resided here, Swede Hollow Park is a natural corridor within the heart of the city that follows Phalen Creek from East 7th Street to Minnehaha Avenue.

The park’s unique geography as a 25-acre, 150-foot deep, wooded ravine surrounded by dense urban communities make it an ideal place for members of the university community and area neighbors to discover and enjoy a quiet wild habitat away from the traffic and commotion of daily life. A number of university colleagues frequent Swede Hollow Park on regular walks; faculty and students in the College of Sciences have conducted research in the park on behalf of the Friends of Swede Hollow organization, using the park as a “living lab” for science courses.

The City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department, in partnership with the Lower Phalen Creek Project, is requesting input from members of the Metropolitan State community and the public on creating a master plan for Swede Hollow Park. The purpose of the master plan is to provide a focused park strategy informed by both the landscape and community desires. The master plan’s focus will include improving equitable park access, increasing visibility and sense of security, natural resource management, providing options to restore stream flow to Phalen Creek, and historical and cultural interpretation and management for Swede Hollow Park.

For information on the Swede Hollow Park Master Plan Project including timeline and meetings, please visit

If you frequent the park, or have ideas to share about its future, please take a moment to respond the master plan survey: