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November 5, 2020: MetroSafe Update

Posted Monday, November 30, 2020 | Announcements to Employees

COVID-19 campus exposure update

For the week of Oct. 28–Nov. 3, Metropolitan State has reported 8 COVID-19 cases to the Minnesota State dashboard among individuals associated with our campus. Of these individuals, 2 were infectious while on campus. The data reported is shown below:

STUDENTS—Week of 10/28/2020- 11/3/2020 / Total from 08/24/2020 – 11/3/2020

Case Number/ Total Reports—11 / 85

Negative—2 / 33

Unknown/ Unconfirmed—1 / 1

Positive (Reported to System Dashboard)—8 / 51

Contagious while on campus—2 / 7

Not Contagious or Not on Campus—6 / 44

Recovered (Isolation has ended)—5 / 45

Employees—Week of 10/28/2020- 11/3/2020 / Total from 08/24/2020 – 11/3/2020

Case Number/ Total Reports—0 / 5

Negative—0 / 0

Unknown/ Unconfirmed—0 / 1

Positive (Reported to System Dashboard)—0 / 4

Contagious while on campus—0 / 0

Not Contagious or Not on Campus—0 / 5

Recovered (Isolation has ended)—0 / 1

As a campus with many students and employees studying and working offsite, if a positive case does not trace to an exposure/contact on campus, the campus may not be notified. Data may not be comprehensive or in real-time​ due to testing and reporting delays and are subject to change. Individuals, particularly those that have been at one of our locations, are also encouraged to report any COVID-19 health updates through our reporting form. As part of the Minnesota State system and in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Health, Metropolitan State posts a link to the Minnesota State COVID-19 dashboard on the website.

Flu vaccina​tions

One of the most important things to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19, according to the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health, and the System Office, is to be vaccinated for this year's seasonal flu. This not only protects you from the flu itself but reduces the likelihood that hospital ICUs will be overfilled this flu season, reserving capacity for pandemic hospitalizations. Flu shot vaccines are available at physician offices and local pharmacies. Learn more about the benefits of influenza vaccinations during this pandemic at the CDC's website.

Upcoming free nasal swab COVID community testing events

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is providing free community COVID testing sites in a number of locations in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota. Check the MDH community testing events page for locations and times. This page is updated regularly.

  • Testing is free, and you do not need insurance or identification.
  • You can get tested even if you don't have symptoms of COVID-19. For example, if you think you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or if you got a call from the health department telling you that you may have been exposed.
  • Community testing is designed to serve the local community. If you live farther away, we encourage you to get tested at your local clinic. For help finding a nearby location, see Find Testing Locations.

Equipment/Technology for Remote Work

As our remote work environment continues this winter and for spring semester, we’ve had some questions about equipment that is allowed to be brought home for remote work. If you have equipment needs to work successfully at home, please work with your supervisor to address your technology or equipment needs and they can allow you to bring it home or suggest an alternative. Your supervisor can make new technology requests in the Technology Service Portal if needed. Supervisors should submit approved requests for chairs that will be used for remote work to the Building Services email box.

Current Approved Technology

  • laptop
  • monitor(s)
  • docking station
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • headphones
  • cameras
  • cables and accessories (wrist/mouse pads, risers, etc.)

Current Approved Furniture

  • Office chair – with supervisor approval. Additional chairs are not being purchased to provide a second chair for home use only
  • Standing workstations (Lift Desk/Stations)-Employees with an ADA accommodation can be provided a table top lift desk

Note on office furniture—Desks are not being disassembled or removed from campus.