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March 25, 2021: MetroSafe Update

Posted Wednesday, April 7, 2021 | Announcements to Students

COVID-19 campus exposure update

For the week of March 17–March 23, Metropolitan State has reported 7 COVID-19 cases to the Minnesota State dashboard among individuals associated with our campus. Of these individuals, none were thought to be infectious while on campus. The data reported is shown below:

Students—Week of 3/17/2021 - 3/23/2021 / Total from 08/24/2020 - 3/23/2021

Case Number/ Total Reports—7 / 324

Negative—0 / 84

Unknown/ Unconfirmed—0 / 0

Positive (Reported to System Dashboard)—7 / 240

Contagious while on campus—0 / 20

Not Contagious or Not on Campus—7 / 220

Recovered (Isolation has ended)—0 / 233

Employees—Week of 3/17/2021 - 3/23/2021 / Total from 08/24/2020 - 3/23/2021

Case Number/ Total Reports—2 / 19

Negative—0 / 0

Unknown/ Unconfirmed—0 / 1

Positive (Reported to System Dashboard)—0 / 15

Contagious while on campus—0 / 2

Not Contagious or Not on Campus—2 / 16

Recovered (Isolation has ended)—0 / 15

Data may not be comprehensive or in real-time​ due to testing and reporting delays and are subject to change. Individuals, particularly those that have been at one of our locations, are also encouraged to report any COVID-19 health updates through our reporting form. As part of the Minnesota State system and in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Health, Metropolitan State posts a link to the Minnesota State COVID-19 dashboard on the website.

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A session, Friday, March 26, 10–11 a.m.

Join the Coordinator of Health and Wellness, Rachael Mills (she/hers), to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine implementation process in Minnesota. Come ready to ask any questions you may have on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Differences between available vaccines
  • Effectiveness of vaccines
  • Health and safety concerns about vaccines
  • Vaccine eligibility requirements
  • How to schedule an appointment

This session will be informal and open to any member of the Metro State community who has questions about COVID-19 vaccination in Minnesota. Registration required: Metro State COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A Session.

How Right Now?

Taking care of our emotional well-being during COVID-19 can be difficult. How Right Now is a resource that has been designed to promote and strengthen the emotional well-being of individuals and communities affected by COVID-19-related stress, grief, and loss.

March Town Hall summary

Approximately 50 members of the Metropolitan State community attended the remote Town Hall on March 18. Subjects discussed included:

  • Breakdown of COVID relief funding received/expected by Metro State, including the various mandates attached to that funding
  • Student support services continuing to change regularly in response to student needs
    • Laptop loan program success continues
    • Increasing engagement events planned
  • Return to work planning still using the Fourth of July break as a target for transitioning work to campus locations
    • Plan balancing student needs and community safety
  • Campus climate surveys out now—responses strongly encouraged
  • State safety guidelines changing, campus guidelines will remain cautious at present
  • Air handling engineering audit report coming soon
  • Energy Park Place location completely vacated

More detail is available at the Town Hall section on my.metrostate.