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June 24, 2021 MetroSafe Update

Posted Thursday, July 1, 2021 | Announcements to Employees

This week the university has no new COVID-19 cases reported. This marks the second week in a row for students, and just one case in two weeks for employees. No colleges/universities have reported over 10 cases in a two-week period. New and active cases in the state are at the lowest since April 2020. More than 3 million Minnesotans age 12 and older have now received at least one vaccine dose. 66.65% of residents aged 16+ have received at least one dose of vaccine. This data and overall trends support medical and scientific communities messaging that vaccinations work to control the spread of COVID-19. It’s still important to get vaccinated to protect you from COVID-19. The virus will continue to spread and is an opportunity for a variant to mutate and impact those not vaccinated or vulnerable to the disease.

COVID-19 campus exposure update

For the week of June 16–June 22, Metropolitan State has reported 0 COVID-19 cases to the Minnesota State dashboard among individuals associated with our campus. The data reported is shown below:

Students—Week of 6/16/2021 - 6/22/2021 / Total from 08/24/2020 - 6/22/2021

Case Number/ Total Reports—0 / 385

Negative—0 / 91

Unknown/ Unconfirmed—0 / 0

Positive (Reported to System Dashboard)—0 / 294

Contagious while on campus—0 / 21

Not Contagious or Not on Campus—1 / 273

Recovered (Isolation has ended)—0 / 293

Employees—Week of 6/16/2021 - 6/22/2021 / Total from 08/24/2020 - 6/22/2021

Case Number/ Total Reports—1 / 26

Negative—0 / 0

Unknown/ Unconfirmed—0 / 1

Positive (Reported to System Dashboard)—1 / 19

Contagious while on campus—0 / 2

Not Contagious or Not on Campus—1 / 24

Recovered (Isolation has ended)—0 / 25

Data may not be comprehensive or in real-time​ due to testing and reporting delays and are subject to change. Individuals, particularly those that have been at one of our locations, are also encouraged to report any COVID-19 health updates through our reporting form. As part of the Minnesota State system and in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Health, Metropolitan State posts a link to the Minnesota State COVID-19 dashboard on the website.

Vaccination Clinic
The university will be holding a vaccination clinic on campus in July. The clinic will be open to students, employees, and household members, and will be administered by the Minnesota Department of Health. Dates are being finalized for the second week July. The clinic will have the Pfizer vaccine which is a two-dose vaccine. The first clinic will be in July and a second clinic would be held three weeks later. More information will be emailed out to the campus community next week about the clinic and instructions for making a reservation.

All Minnesotans age 16 and older are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. We encourage all Minnesota State staff, faculty and students to get vaccinated. Minnesotans can use the online vaccine locator map to find vaccine locations near them and contact those health care providers with questions.

Mask/Face Covering Update
Per state and municipal guidelines, people are not required to wear a face covering at any of our campus locations. However, people who have not been vaccinated, for whatever reason, are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering. Anyone choosing to wear a face covering for personal reasons are encouraged to continue to do so. In fact, we strongly encourage everyone to continue wearing face coverings especially when in groups of people and/or when physical distancing of 6 feet or more cannot be maintained.

Important reminders:

  • The pandemic is not over.
  • Get vaccinated.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Practice physical distancing when possible.
  • Stay home if you are feeling ill.
  • Get tested if you experience symptoms consistent with the Coronavirus.
  • Be supportive and respectful of those who continue to choose to wear a face covering.

Minnesota State has provided FAQ’s concerning changes in the face covering requirements on its coronavirus information page, under General Campus Operations.

Campus Access
As the campus health screening tool is no longer being used when you arrive on campus, students and employees will need their ID card to access the Saint Paul Campus buildings. The Fine Art Studio, ICES, and the Grow IT Center will be opened by request only during summer semester. Staff can contact security for access to the ICES building. Information about acquiring an ID card can be found on the library’s website.

Return to Campus Planning
Leadership assembly staff have received an email with a link to a Qualtrics department safety survey. Please complete the short survey by Friday, June 25, to identify equipment, signage or other safety issues as you are planning for fall semester.