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Effective July 30: Because Ramsey County has substantial transmission of COVID-19 and the delta variant, face coverings are required for everyone in university buildings and common spaces at the Dayton’s Bluff or Midway locations.

This requirement applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated employees, students, visitors, contractors, and vendors. People in a private office or workspace may remove their mask while they are alone in that space.

Appropriate Face Coverings

  • A cloth or disposable mask that fits snugly but comfortably, covers the mouth and nose, and allows for unrestricted breathing.
  • Other face coverings expressly approved by the university.
  • Cloth masks like those provided to members of the university community must be washed regularly.

Face Shields

  • Face coverings are preferred over face shields.
  • Face shields can be used in conjunction with a mask any time the user wishes. Use of both may be necessary for higher risk activities.
  • Face shields may be used by faculty while conducting lecture in a classroom provided 6-foot distancing can be maintained with students.
  • Masks should be worn going to and from the classroom or if the faculty member cannot maintain the 6-foot physical distancing.
  • Other uses of a face shield in lieu of masks should be for medical reasons only.


Members of the university community are expected to behave responsibly and show respect for the health and safety of others. Any employee, student, or visitor who fails to abide by this directive without an approved accommodation may be asked or directed to leave the campus. Faculty and staff who are so directed but fail to comply may be subject to university discipline. Students who are so directed but fail to comply may be subject to student discipline.

Practicing Kindness

Avoid stigmatization of the wearing or not wearing of face coverings. Some members of the campus community may have an approved accommodation and are thus not subject to this requirement. We encourage patience, kindness, and compassion for others in our community who may be unable to wear a face covering.


Faculty, staff, students, and visitors are exempt from the requirement of wearing a face covering:

  • When alone in a private office.
  • When working in an office setting, cubicle, or workstation where physical distancing can be maintained.
  • When eating or drinking.
  • When alone in a motor vehicle.
  • Children 5 and under or anyone unable to remove a face covering without assistance.
  • A face shield in a classroom may be worn in place of a face covering when it is important to be seen or a cloth face covering poses a safety hazard.
  • When another accommodation is necessary as indicated by a medical expert and granted written permission of the university.
  • When an exception for a non-medical reason has been granted by university administration.

Requesting an Accommodation

Students who believe they should be considered for an exception to this requirement should contact Accessibility Resources at 651-793-1549 or

Faculty and staff who believe they should be considered for an exception to this requirement should contact Human Resources at 651-793-1275 or

Reporting a Student Face Covering Violation

Use this form to report a student who is in violation of the university's face covering policy.