Spring 2018

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MLS-620 -02
Master of Liberal Studies Explorations Race: Excavation of an Idea 4 LCTR
DeSoto, Au 01/11/18 - 04/26/18
06:00 PM - 09:20 PM
books 10/18
 Note: MLS 620 is usually restricted to graduate students admitted into the Master of Liberal Studies program. Contact Dr. Lawrence Moe, Director, for more information. This course examines the concept of race, posed through a series of questions: What is race? How have we come to understand what exactly constitutes the category race? Appearance? Essence or spirit? Social and political Identities? Cultural or geographic heritage? National identity? What are the historical and theoretical approaches to describing ┬┐race,┬┐ and how have these approaches determined how race is understood and circulates as a term of knowledge? Using a wide range of readings, the course begins with a chronological study of the emergence and development of race as a philosophical, social, and political idea grounded in eighteenth and nineteenth century thought, and how this emergence relates to slavery, colonialism, and social and political equality