Spring 2018

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HUM-390 -21
Topics: Ancient and Medieval Monsters 4 INDS
Whitson, Ca 01/08/18 - 05/01/18
books 0/1
 Prerequisites: Students must have completed an introductory writing course and completed 30 credits of college-level work.

HUM-390 -50
Topics: Ancient and Medieval Monsters 4 LCTR
Whitson, Ca 01/08/18 - 05/01/18
books 24/26
 Description: This course examines how Western Civilization used the idea of monsters in art and literature to instruct its societies in community values, regulation of behaviors, and how to conceptualize enemies. The course focuses on depictions of monsters in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and medieval Europe as symbols and as representations of outsiders (such as "barbarians," Jews, Muslims, pagans, heretics), and as subordinates or inferiors who may threaten social order (the disabled, women, homosexuals, the poor). Note: This is an online course, not an independent study. Course has no required face-to-face or synchronous meetings. There are required online activities and assignments each week. No required proctored exams. Intermediate computer/Internet skills required. For online learning and course access information go to www.metrostate.edu/col click on Student Resources.