Power Outage July 16, 2019

Posted July 16, 2019

Dear Campus Community, 

We are still experiencing a power outage on the St. Paul campus and Xcel Energy has not provided a time of restoration.  All classes and programs planned for today will meet at the time scheduled.

New Main, Founder’s Hall, St. John’s Hall, and the Library are not being effectively cooled and we will be closing those buildings at 1 pm.  We are not closing the campus but employees will not be allowed to work in New Main, Founder’s Hall, St. John’s Hall, and Library buildings after 1 pm. 

All classes and programs scheduled this afternoon and evening will be relocated to the Science Education Center and Student Center on the St. Paul Campus.  Signs will be posted by the parking ramp and exterior doors directing students and faculty to the reassigned classes.

Gateway Student Services will be available at our Midway Location (1450 Energy Park Dr., St. Paul, 55108) between 1-5 pm.

Supervisors will work with the employees who are located in the affected buildings to determine which functions are operationally required and can be accomplished by relocating to the Science Education Center or in the Student Center.  Employees who provide required operations and are able to work elsewhere on campus will be asked to stay until the end of their work day.  Other employees whose work location is in an impacted building and are either not able to complete their work in the Science Education Center or Student Center or do not fulfill an essential function will be sent home and supervisors will adjust timesheets accordingly.  If supervisors have questions, they should contact Human Resources (human.resources@metrostate.edu).

Thank you!

Amy Strohmeier Gort, Ph.D.

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs