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Safety Notice... Report of a Theft, December 5, 2018

Posted December 18, 2018

A theft occurred on the Saint Paul campus in Saint John’s Hall at approximately 7:35 PM Tuesday night, December 4th. The victim is a member of our university community and was not physically harmed. She indicated that someone approached
her as she was studying on the 1 st floor study table of Saint John’s and that as he walked past her he grabbed her laptop and ran out the door.

A description of suspect is as follows: male, dark complexion,
under six feet t all, medium build ,
mustache, wearing a long tan overcoat, blue jeans and brown shoes. If you saw this individual or have any additional information, please contact the safety office r .

Safety Tips

If you notice any suspicious behaviors on or around campus, please immediately notify Metropolitan Safety Officers
and/or the Police. Remember to lock the doors of your vehicle and park in the university Ramp. If confronted, make firm but non-challenging statements of your interests. If you believe you are in jeopardy, leave
for somewhere safe. Do not loan your phone to others. If you are a victim of crime, please immediately inform the university Safety Officers. Call for escorts or walk with others, choose well-lit and direct areas at night and remain alert; walk confidently
and purposefully.

Contacting a Safety Officer
Call 1717 on the St Paul campus … the caller will hear instructions and can select what
safety officer they are interested in contacting; the Library, Student Center, Ramp or Main Campus safety staff.

If you have any information or concerns related to this or other incidents, please contact the Director of Public Safety at 651-793-1725.