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Safety notification: July 5, 2016

Posted June 24, 2018

Saint Paul Campus, Crosswalk Safety

July 5, 2016, at about 6:12 p.m., a member of the university was crossing the Seventh street crosswalk from the library side when she was struck by a vehicle. The driver stopped, and the police and ambulance were called. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital with medical conditions that are not critical.

It appears that weather conditions visually impaired the pedestrian and driver, however, please use caution when using crosswalks. Do not assume that drivers will see or stop for you when crossing streets.

The city has recently installed pedestrian flashing lights, new warning signs, ADA audible tone locators and improved sight-lines on the Maria crosswalk between the ramp and main campus. Pressing anyone of the four walk arrow buttons will activate flasher lights notifying vehicles that pedestrians are in the crosswalk. People, however, are still not using this crosswalk and they continue to place themselves and others in additional risk each time they cross the street. To improve your safety, please only cross at the designated crosswalks, make eye contact with drivers before crossing, press the crossing walk arrow buttons and refrain from using mobile devices when crossing.

Please review these safety tips

  1. Call for escorts or walk with others, choose well-lit and direct areas at night and remain alert; walk confidently and purposefully. 
  2. If you notice any suspicious behaviors on or around campus, please immediately notify safety staff.
  3. If confronted, make firm but non-challenging statements of your interests. If you believe you are in jeopardy, leave for somewhere safe.
  4. If you are a victim of crime, immediately inform the university safety staff who will help you and contact the police.

Safety officer phone numbers

Saint Paul

Main Campus cell: 651-775-0444

Security desk: 651-793-1717

Library cell: 651-775-0715

Ramp cell: 651-368-4297

Ramp desk: 651-793-1730

Student Center cell: 651-775-6724

Midway Center

Cell: 651-775-6122


Safety: 612-659-6910

Emergency: 612-659-6900

Brooklyn Park (LECJEC)

Safety cell: 763-488-2655