Third Party Payments

A third party is an entity which guarantees payment of tuition and/or fees on behalf of a student with whom it has a relationship.  Examples of a third party are:

  •  Employers
  •  City, County, State, or Federal Government
  •  Military Units
  •  Foreign Governments
  •  Private Organizations
  • Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation

An authorization from the third party must be received in Accounts Receivable by the tuition payment deadline if the student's registration is not to be cancelled.  Use of the Metropolitan State University Authorization for Payment form is preferred, but the authorization may be in the form of a purchase order or the third party's own form.  The following information must be provided on the authorization:

  •  The student's name and student identification number
  •  The semester(s) for which the authorization is valid.
  •  The charges the authorization will cover (tuition, fees, books, etc.)
  •  The amount of the authorization.
  •  Whether authorization applies after financial aid.
  •  The funding organization's name, address, tax identification number,  contact name, telephone number.

An authorization cannot be conditional on a student's performance in or completion of the course(s).  The authorization must be signed by an authorized individual.  If private information is needed by the third party, the student must provide us with a written release.   Should the relationship between the student and third party cease, the student is ultimately responsible for all charges.

Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment
A third party authorization must be received in Accounts Receivable by the tuition payment deadline if the student's registration is not to be cancelled.  If the third party paperwork cannot be submitted before the tuition payment deadline, the student should pay the outstanding balance or enroll in the NELNET/FACTS tuition payment plan until the third party paperwork is received and processed.  Any payments made by the student will be refunded once the third party authorization is in place.

Third Party Instructions

Instructions to the Student:
You are required to sign the THIRD PARTY BILLING statement which provides for the event that your relationship with the third party ceases before the charges are paid.

Instructions to the Third Party Vendor
If you are a third party who will pay a student's tuition and/ or fees:

  1. Print out the Metropolitan State University Authorization form below.
  2. Carefully read and fill out all fields n the form. You must supply the student ID.
  3. Fax the form to:
    Mail to:   
    Metropolitan State University
    ATTN: Third Party Billing
    Financial Management (FH329)
    700 East 7th Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55106 

For more information on tuition and payments, please contact Financial Management by phone 651-793-1880 or email