Approved Courses

Note: The list below is approved courses offered at Metropolitan State University and at other colleges approved for transfer to meet the graduation requirement as of Feb. 26, 2016. Some Metropolitan State courses require admission to the major. Other courses will be added as they are approved. Undergraduate students new or re-admitted to Metropolitan State starting in fall 2016 will need to complete at least one of the following as part of their GELS, major or electives in order to graduate.

Metropolitan State University

  • BIOL 107 Biology, Race, and Racism
  • CJS 360 Diversity in Criminal Justice
  • COMM 372 Health Communication
  • EDU 430 Historical and Cultural Foundations of Urban Education
  • ETHS 100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • ETHS 200 Theories of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture
  • ETHS 231 Global Native and Indigenous Studies
  • ETHS 232 American Indians in Minnesota1 (only 2 credit)
  • ETHS 244 African Americans in Minnesota1 (only 2 credit)
  • ETHS 250 Latino/Hispanic Cultural Competency: Introductory Concepts
  • ETHS 252 Latinas/os in Minnesota1 (only 2 credit)
  • ETHS 270 Global Blackness
  • ETHS 302 Immigrant Communities and the Trajectories of Othering
  • ETHS 304 Environmental Justice and Public Policy
  • ETHS 315 Color of Incarceration
  • ETHS 318 Trauma and Traumascapes: Identity, Legacy and Memory
  • ETHS 326 Race and Work in American Life
  • ETHS 332 Topics in Contemporary Native North America
  • ETHS 342 Contemporary Issues in Black America
  • ETHS 352 Latina/o Cultural Politics
  • ETHS 363 Asian American Women: Myths and Realities
  • ETHS 375 Black Life in Wealth and Poverty
  • GNDR 375 Intersectionality
  • HIST 315 The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s
  • HRM 335 Understanding and Addressing Race in the Workplace
  • HSER 395 Intersections of Race and Diversity in the Human Services
  • HUM 364 Harlem Renaissance
  • IDST 317 Women in Minnesota: Education, Politics and Social Change
  • IDST 370 Cinema, Self and Other
  • LIT 362 Black Women Writers
  • LIT 364 Becoming America(n): Literature by Immigrants of Color
  • MGMT 360 Managing a Diverse Workforce
  • PHIL 366 Race and Racism: Philosophical Problems
  • POL 313 Democracy, Politics, and Punishment
  • PSYC 212 Introduction to Diversity and Ethics in Psychology 
  • PSYC 356 Early Childhood Development within a Social, Cultural and Historical Context
  • SOWK 341 Comparative Racial/Ethnic Analysis I
  • WRIT 300 Creative Writers, Identity and Race in the Twin Cities
  • This list includes courses approved as of January 13, 2017. Others will be added as they are approved. Some courses require admission to the major.
  • A total of at least three credits are needed to satisfy the requirement; thus two with an would be needed.

Approved Courses at Local Community Colleges and Universities

Access Approved Courses for an updated list of transfer courses that will meet the Racial Issues Graduation Requirement, as well as a list of approved courses at Metropolitan State.

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