Dropping Courses

Students are responsible for dropping courses.

Students may drop courses with a refund prior to the drop deadline for the corresponding term. To view drop deadline log into eService and select View/Modify Class Schedule, the drop deadline is posted next to course info, or by course search in eService by clicking on course title and under Add/Drop/Withdraw Deadline you will find the drop date.

  • Students have until the end of the fourth week to drop a Faculty-designed Independent Study (FDIS) with a refund.

  • Theory Seminars must be dropped within a day of the first class meeting. Dropping courses via the Student e-Services within the refund period generate a credit to the student account.

  • Students who want to drop a FDIS or theory seminar with a refund after the refund period must contact the Gateway Student Services Center.

Courses dropped within the refund period of the term do not appear on the student's transcript.

Drop for Nonattendance/Nonparticipation

Students are dropped for nonattendance or nonparticipation after either the first two class sessions or after the second week of the term.

  • Students are ultimately responsible for dropping courses if they no longer plan to attend/participate.

Students who have been dropped for nonattendance or nonparticipation and wish to reenroll in courses must refer to the Adding Courses section of this publication.

Withdrawing from a Course

After the drop deadline, students may withdraw from course(s).

  • Log in to e-Services, view/modify class schedule. The last day to withdraw from a course is listed on the Class Schedule under Drop/Withdraw Dates.

Withdrawing from all Registered Courses within a Semester

Admitted, degree-seeking students who officially withdraw from all university courses during any given semester beyond the drop deadline may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition. For more information or to see if you are eligible for a partial refund call the Gateway Student Services Center at 651-793-1300 or by e-mail at gateway@metrostate.edu. More information for Tuition and Fee Due Dates, Refunds, Withdrawals and Waivers.