Grades and Grading Options

The general dead line for faculty to submit grades is three business days from the last day of the term.

At registration time and through the end of the first week of the term, students may choose or change their grading option to either graded (A, B, C, D, F) or pass/no credit (S/NC) through Student e-Services. The default grading method is graded (A, B, C, D, F).

  • For full-term courses, students must submit a written request to the instructor for a change in grading method by the second class meeting.

  • For Faculty-designed Independent Study (FDIS) courses, students must submit a written request to the instructor for a change in grading method before the first major assessment.

A student who completes a substantial amount of the required course work (as determined by the instructor) may request the instructor assign an incomplete ("I" grade). Instructors are not required to give incompletes. If the student does not complete the required work within the following semester, the "I" automatically converts to an "F" or "NC" depending upon the grading method.

Student grades are available by accessing the Student e-Services. Students can request a printed grade report from the Gateway Student Services Center; however, staff members are not permitted to provide grades over the phone.

Auditing a Class

Students who wish to audit or attend a course without earning credit must be registered for the course, and pay full tuition and fees. Courses taken for audit are not eligible for financial aid and do not count toward full-time status. Students who are receiving financial aid will be billed if courses taken for credit are later changed to audit status and their enrollment status falls below the minimum requirements for financial aid.

The level of participation in an audited course is determined by the instructor.

Students must change the grading method from "Normal" to "AU" after registering by selecting "View/Modify Class Schedule" and clicking on the pencil icon in front of the Course ID # and selecting "AU" as the grading method for the course. This change must be made before the end of the first week of the semester.

Students may not later receive credit for a course that has been audited except by re-enrollment for credit and successful completion of the same course in a subsequent semester.

An entry of "AU" (Audit) as a grade is made on a student's permanent academic record when a course is audited.

Repeating Courses

  • Students may, without permission, repeat Metropolitan State courses at Metropolitan State in which they received grades of "D", "F" or "NC." The course must be repeated using the same grading method as the initial enrollment in the course. If learning is repeated only once, the higher grade is used in the grade point average (GPA) calculation. If the learning is repeated more than once, the GPA calculation includes all subsequent attempts. Only one repeat attempt can be excluded from the GPA calculation.

  • Students may not repeat courses in which they received a grade of "C-" or better and have the course exempted from the GPA calculation without the permission of the dean of the college through which the course is offered. Unless properly signed, the Registrar's Office will not process repeat forms for courses in which a student received a grade of "C-" or better.

  • Repeated courses are marked with an (R) on the student transcript.