Resident status is determined at the time of application. Students who meet one or more of the following conditions on the date they apply for admission are classified as residents of Minnesota.

  • Students who resided in the state for at least one calendar year immediately prior to applying for admission, or dependent students who have a parent or legal guardian residing in Minnesota on the date the students apply.

  • Minnesota residents who can demonstrate that they were temporarily absent from the state without establishing residency else where.

  • Persons who moved to the state for employment purposes and, before moving and before applying for admission to a postsecondary institution, accepted a full-time job in the state, or students who are spouses or dependents of such persons. Individuals from foreign countries who are eligible to remain in the United States on a permanent basis and meet the above requirements are considered Minnesota residents. A document attesting to an immigrant status of the student is required as evidence.

Residency must not be primarily for the purpose of attending a college or university.

For more information visit Residency and Reciprocity.


Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota residents who attend Metropolitan State University under a reciprocity agreement must file appropriate forms with their respective home state.

  • Wisconsin reciprocity forms are available at HEAB website.

  • North Dakota reciprocity forms can be found at Minnesota's Office of Higher Education website.

  • South Dakota residents planning to attend a Minnesota state university or community college are not required to apply for reciprocity. These Minnesota institutions should assign reciprocity automatically.

The university must receive official approval of reciprocity before the student is eligible for reciprocity tuition rates. A student is assessed the nonresident tuition rate prior to reciprocity approval.