After completing admission requirements and receiving notification of acceptance to the university, degree-seeking students are required to register for and attend one of the scheduled New Student Orientation sessions before or during their first semester of courses.

Students are introduced to academic support systems, general education / liberal studies (GELS) requirements, Degree Audit Report (DARS), career services, library services, scholarship and financial aid information, advising and student services, and student clubs and programs. Go to the Orientation webpage to register for an orientation session. There is a $40 nonrefundable fee when registering for orientation. This fee is used to improve the overall student transition experience at Metropolitan State University and additional first semester student support programming.

Grading Policy

Metropolitan State University's grading policy offers students the option of having any of their work graded on a "competence / no competence" basis or on an audit basis (receive no credit) rather than receiving grades. Students must choose this option at registration or submit a signed request to the instructor by the second class session of a course, or before the first major assessment for other learning opportunities. After that time, students cannot change from a graded to an ungraded option or vice versa. Refer to University Policy #2080, Grading Policy for more information


Degree candidates are certified for graduation when they have completed all University and program or majors graduation requirements, as outlined in the program materials and / or approved degree plans. Refer to the Graduation webpages for more information.

Students must first notify the Graduation Office of their intent to graduate by registering for the Graduation Workshop (course # WKSP GRAD) for their final semester, and then must schedule a graduation planning meeting with their academic advisor to ensure all program requirements have been met or are in progress during their last semester. At the meeting, the academic advisor completes an Undergraduate Graduation Review form, which is sent to the Graduation Office. This meeting must be completed approximately three months prior to the actual graduation date. Students must access the online Graduation Workshop and complete the required items to participate in commencement. Specific graduation and commencement dates and deadlines are published in the Catalyst and in the Academic/Events Calendar on the University's website. Students are responsible for all Undergraduate Graduation reviews to be completed within the published deadlines.

All graduating students are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony most closely following their completion. Summer and fall graduates participate in the fall commencement ceremony while spring graduates participate in the spring ceremony.

Graduation with Honors for Undergraduate Students

The honors designations and the cumulative GPA required to achieve them are:
Summa Cum Laude-3.900 or higher
Magna Cum Laude-3.800 to 3.899
Cum Laude-3.700 to 3.799

Please view University Procedure #252 - Graduation with Honors for Undergraduate Students for more information.

Students with grade point averages in the top ten percent of their school or college are recognized in the commencement program as honors graduates. The actual grade point average will vary by college and school. Students who meet the ten percent threshold will be notified in writing prior to commencement.