Program Declaration

When students know which major, minor or program they wish to pursue, or decide to develop an individualized program, they must apply to the respective department or program.  All students are expected to file program declaration forms after they have completed 45-semester credits; they must complete the form before completing 80-semester credits. Advisors in the colleges and schools review the work students have completed, and what they intend to do, and indicate approval for that learning on Major/Program Declaration forms.  Those forms, which become a part of each student's record, document their approved programs of study. 

If the form is not filed on time, the student will not be able to register without an advisor's approval.  Students should work with advisors to plan their general education and liberal studies course work.


Major and program requirements are described online.  Each college and school offer workshops to explain the requirements for their programs, including college-specific individualized programs.  First College offers workshops to assist students in developing interdisciplinary individualized degree programs.

Degree Plan/Program Changes

A change in classes for a major or direction of a degree plan (for example, changing the major area of study from marketing to accounting) should be discussed with your advisor.  You must complete a new major/program declaration form and submit it to the appropriate department or program.  In some cases, you will need to attend a program information meeting in the new area of study.

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