Language Proficiency Testing

A new student whose native language is not English and who is not fluent in English should take the language proficiency tests.  A student can take these tests in a Minnesota State institution of their choice.  Contact information is available on the page of Minnesota State & Hubbs Services on the right.  After testing, students should contact us for placement advice and registration hold removal. You may call 651-793-1464.

You should take the language proficiency tests if:

  • You are a new student required to take reading and writing placement tests
  • Your native language is not English and you are not fluent in English

These tests can be administered in the Minnesota State college of your choice.  Contact information on colleges can be found online.  After testing, you should contact Placement Assessment at 651-793-1464 for placement advice and registration hold removal.

Closed Classes

Metropolitan State University is committed to having small classes and individualized learning. Most classes have carefully established maximum enrollments of between 22 and 40. Students wishing to enroll in a closed class should continue to check the registration system in case another student drops the class, making space available. Students with special circumstances who need a closed class must request permission from the department chair. In some cases, departments will have a policy against admitting a student to a closed class, and students should never assume that it will be possible to obtain permission to register for a closed class.

Metropolitan State University has begun a wait listing initiative, which will allow students to place him or herself on a wait list once a class has reached its capacity. Placing oneself on a wait list does not guarantee a spot in the course. Currently, not all departments and courses are participating in wait listing, although in the future more departments will make this feature available to students. More information about wait listing at Metropolitan State University.

Class Cancellations

Class Cancellations Due to Low Enrollment

Metropolitan State University reserves the right to cancel any course (examples include a course which does meet minimum enrollment requirements, last-minute unavailability of an instructor or scheduled classroom due to illness or disaster, etc).
In case of cancellation, Metropolitan State University will notify registered students and process full refunds of any monies paid. Cancellations and other schedule changes occur daily. Check the Class Schedule online for the most up-to-date information.

Class Cancellations Due to Weather / Emergencies

On rare occasions, classes may be canceled due to severe weather or other conditions. The decision to cancel classes is made as early in the day as possible.
If classes are canceled, announcements are made on the website and several radio stations, including:

AM Stations

FM Stations  
WCCO 830 KQRS 92.5
KRSI 950 KS95 94.5
KSTP 1500 KNOW 91.1
KFAN 1130  
KDWB 630  
WWTC 1280  

Bookstore / Textbooks

The bookstore stocks all course materials that are required and recommended for your courses, and has a full selection of used books to save you money on your purchases. For your convenience, books may be purchased directly from the store or through their website. The bookstore staff may be contacted at 651-793-1670.