Registration windows (the period of time when students can begin registering for classes) are assigned based on the total number of completed credits (combined transfer credits and Metropolitan State University credits). Registration windows can be found online.  Students may not register earlier than their scheduled registration window.

Students register online through Student e-Services.  Instructions for registering online are available.

Registration Appeals

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to all Metropolitan State University policies and procedures.  However, in some cases, students who have experienced extenuating circumstances beyond their control, or have experienced an administrative situation that prevented them from successfully completing a course may petition the Registration Appeals Committee for a retroactive drop or withdrawal. The decision of the committee is final. 

Students receiving financial aid should also contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of their request on their financial aid package. There is a signature block on the appeal form for a financial aid representative to sign. The Registration Appeals Committee will not process appeals for students with financial aid unless their form is signed by a Metropolitan State University financial aid representative.

The Registration Appeal form is available online or by contacting the Gateway Student Services Center.

Registration for Coursework at Other Institutions

Admitted students may take coursework at other institutions to meet university requirements. See your advisor to be sure the course(s) meets your degree objective. Students register and pay for the course at the other institution. Coursework at other institutions must be completed at a D grade level or higher.

Coursework Taken at non-Minnesota State Institutions

An official transcript must be sent to the Admissions Office from any non-Minnesota State institutions upon completion of the course(s).

Coursework Taken at Minnesota State Institutions

transfer update request must be submitted to Metropolitan State University upon completion of the course(s). Students receiving financial aid must complete and submit the Visiting Student Consortium Agreement, available on line or in-person at the Financial Aid Office.

Official Withdrawal

Official withdrawal is defined as terminating enrollment in all registered courses for an academic semester. A student must request that an official withdrawal from Metropolitan State University be processed. Dropping courses via Student e-Services or in-person does not initiate an official withdrawal.

To formally withdraw from the university, students must submit a written request to the Gateway Student Services Center at gateway@metrostate.eduor by fax at 651-793-1235. The following information is needed for withdrawal processing: full name, mailing address (where the refund, if any, will be sent) daytime telephone number, student ID number and the academic term of withdrawal.

For more information, contact the Gateway Student Services Center at or 651-793-1300.

Refunds for Title IV financial aid recipients are determined by federal guidelines, which supersede these guidelines. Federal regulations require Metropolitan State University to give first priority to repaying financial aid programs in the event of a refund of tuition and fees resulting from withdrawal from the university.